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Updated News as of the February 5, 2024
King Charles III
February 5, 2024

The news today about King Charles III is deeply concerning and we all wish him a speedy recovery.
New Part Time Job
February 1, 2024

After spending 32 years of my life as the voluntary National Chair to a UK Sports National Governing Body, a full time unpaid job, I have been newly appointed as the Chief Executive, a part time paid job with the same body.

The new job takes effect from todays date.

Here is a secure link to the press release, if interested:

NAKMAS press release.
January 26, 2024

Please consider visiting my Facebook page which has 2,000 likes and 17,000 followers and is constantly updated most days of the weeks.

Here is a secure link to the Facebook page:
Christian Lady

January 11, 2024

During clergy duties I stopped in for a quick Costa coffee in Tenterden, Kent and a nice lady, Vicki Young, approached me. She is a carer and a Christian. She said that although we clergy pray for others, we seldom get prayers from them.

She said a beautiful prayer for me, one with much thought and significant meaning. I was really moved by it, and as she left, I rushed to the toilet to wipe my tears away.

I love my work, but more importantly, I like this woman and her willingness to reach out. Thank you to her.

There are lovely individuals in the world. There really are.

I gave this lady my cross and chain as a Christian gift which I wear hidden under my fleece and said a very quick prayer for this wonderful lady.

Online Shop
January 2, 2024

I have started to build an online shop to raise funds for the £20 Aldi gift card that I give for free to those in the community that are in most need. Take a look by clicking here


Respecting each other's beliefs enhances diversity and unity. Regardless of our faith or lack thereof, it's key to understand that the essence of humanity lies in our compassion, kindness, and acceptance. Religious believers derive their moral framework from scripture, seeking guidance and solace in divine wisdom. Non-religious believers, on the other hand, may turn to philosophy, science, and human experience for their answers. Different as these paths may seem, both ultimately aim for a more enlightened, harmonious life. Let us cherish this variety, fostering mutual respect and coexistence. Remember, everyone's journey is unique.

The priesthood represents the deep affection that Jesus holds in his heart. Whenever you encounter a priest, conjure thoughts of our divine Savior, Jesus Christ.

Every individual who follows Christianity should have the willingness to recognise the importance of persistently standing by and expressing the truth. Embarking on a journey alongside Jesus Christ, who embodies the very essence of truth. Knowing Jesus makes it simpler to speak His Truth, regardless of the obstacles we face. Despite facing opposition, Jesus remains steadfast.

It doesn’t matter if you Believe, because I know one day you will..!

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